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   SIECO's export business mainly covers metals and minerals, light industrial products and textiles,  electromechanical products, timber products, chemical products and cereals and foodstuffs with the following major achievements:

  • Two 25,000T container vessels to Singapore.


  • Non-ferrous metals and ferro alloys to Mitsubishi, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., Norsko, Hyaro,  Foseco, Eckart, MG, Minerais and Samsung. 
  • Garments, curtains, table cloth, shoes and all sorts of cotton and polyester cloth to European and American countries, Japan, Israel,Hong Kong and the Middle East.

  • Watercrafts, electronic products, mechanical equipment, welding electrodes, sharpeners, pipe fittings, mechanical tools to European and American countries and the ASEAN countries.
  • Timber products to Japan by first importing raw materials from U.S.A., Canada and Burma.
  • Chemical raw materials and products to European countries.
  • Chinese yellow maize, peas and beans to Korea through LG,apple juice concentrate to Tetrapak ,Sweden with an annual volume of 4,000MT. Tomato paste, pear juice concentrate, strawberry juice and egg powder are also exported.




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