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Engineering Construction & Bidding: 
  SIECO majored in the design, integration, installation and commission of equipment for environment protection, industrial dust treatment, chemical industry, sewerage disposal, coal burning power plant, small- sized hydro power station, porcelain industry, food processing, etc. Bidding of engineering construction projects mainly fasten on projects under loans from WB, ADB, JBIC and other international funds. Meanwhile we also participate in the projects under loans or capital donations from foreign governments.

Major achievements:

  • Supply-installation-commission of electrostatic precipitator and monitoring system in the expansion  project of #6 kiln of Qinling Cement (Group) Co., Ltd. with the loan from ADB.
  • Supply-installation-commission of environment monitoring equipment for Guiyang Environment Protection Bureau .
  • Dust pollution disposal project for Guiyang Cement Plant 
  • Electrostatic precipitator, transformer, monitoring system, conveying system for #5 & #6 kilns of Qinling Cement (Group) Co,, Ltd with the loan from ADB.
  • Bucket elevator, rotary mill and other mainframe of  5500 t/d for Qinling Cement (Group) Co., Ltd. with a contract &#118alue of 11.3 million Euro.
  • Hot fan, centrifugal blower, roots blower, vacuum pump , comb cooler, vacuum suction strainer, dynamic powder concentrator, metering system, coal sprayer for Guizhou Cement Plant with the loan from ADB.
  • Complete set of equipment for Chongqing Xiushan Zhonghe Cement Plant
  • Bucket elevator, coal sprayer for Shandong Lunan Cement Plant
  • Heat exchanging system for Xi’an Xijiao Thermal Power Central Heating Supply with the loan from ADB.
  • Turbine-generator, boile, etc. for Tongchuan Thermal Power Central Heating Supply with the loan from ADB.
  • Equipment supply, installation and commission for Gansu Changma Hydraulic Power Station with the loan from WB .
  • Electric equipment, fused salt pump, sewage disposal, circulation water equipment and its trial run of 5000 t/a HFC-134A construction project for China chemical industry CFC phase-out plan under China ODS IV project subproject .
  • Equipment, supply-installation-commission for Zhen'an 5000 t/y barium sulphate project with the loan from WB.
  • Equipment supply for Shaanxi Chemical Works .
  • Equipment, supply-installation-commission for Shaanxi Zhenan Chinese chestnut processing project with the loan from WB.
  • Equipment supply for Sichuang vegetable processing project.
  • Equipment, supply-installation-commission-trial run for Shaanxi Ningshan project with the loan from WB.
  • Supply of material and sewerage disposal equipment for Shenmu-Yan'an railroad project.
  • Supply of asphaltum for Xi'an-Xianyang Airport highroad project.
  • Supply of asphaltum for Xi'an-Hanzhong Airport highroad project.
  • Technical design, equipment integration, civil work, installation, commission, operation and management of a ceramic wall and floor tile production line in Bangladesh with an annual capacity of 2 million square meters.

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